My 24th birthday developer resolutions.

November 9, 2018 - 2 mins - Written by Karam

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Most people set themselves new years resolutions… I’ve decided to go about doing things a little bit differently on my 24th birthday.

Those who know me, know that I like to dedicate most of my personal time towards my own self development in some way, shape or form. This can sometimes be development related and sometimes can be around a totally different subject.

I’d like to think that I’ve improved a lot with my own self discipline over the past year or so as I’ve learned to better control procrastination and mentally get past the barrier of ‘lack of motivation’.

Nowadays, I aim towards making sure that the majority of extra-curricular activities I do, are beneficial long term towards my own personal goals. In contrast for example to dumping hours every day in to something that doesn’t benefit me long term such as playing a video game.

I’d say my biggest issue up until this point with most of my software related self development is that I tend to not hold myself accountable for a final product or delivery which results in me perhaps not quite pushing myself the extra mile to really reap the benefits.

For example, when you’re at University, you’re forced to work towards a final exam. You have coursework checkpoints and submissions along the way. You can’t get off easy with not always giving your best - providing you want to be the best in the first place. You’re always held accountable for your actions along the journey.

So in order to try and push myself to the next level with my self development, I’m going to set myself the goal of learning something new every month, ensuring that by the end of each month, I have a built project to show for it. I’ll also aim to ensure each project - assuming I don’t think I could monetize it - will be made available on my GitHub.

It is also worth giving a shout out to Sandoche Adittane for his blog post and progression on a similar journey so far, which has inspired me to follow suit.

Exactly how I will go about doing this and what blueprint I will be following, I’ve not decided upon yet in detail. However I assume it will be very similar to the one I’ve linked to above as I feel the approach is simple and ticks most boxes.

In terms of what my first project will be, I want to create a simple application that allows Twitter users to delete all past tweets that contain a list of swear words or instead delete all tweets prior to a specific date. I want to write it using Go and I am unsure as things currently stand whether it will be a web application or just a console application.

Not only will I end up with something built that I actually need to use myself but I will also improve my Go knowledge in the process and end up with a cheeky little project to stick on GitHub.

On that note, until we meet again.

Thanks for reading.

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