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Hi! I’m Karam!

I first started dabbling with code back when I was 13 (had no idea what I was doing)… I’m now a Software Developer at 25 (still have no idea what I’m doing, just like the rest of us, right?).

I like football (Blackburn Rovers season ticket holder… unfortunately) & also have a pet cat who is awesome. I’ve worked with a variety of different programming languages and stacks (LAMP, Spring Boot, Node.js, etc) in the past but currently find myself really excited about and in love with most things .NET Core. I’m also a big Vue.js fan!

As the son of both a lecturer and a teacher, I am a big believer in knowledge sharing and using it as a way to not only grow oneself but also those around you as well. As a result, I’ve not only built an internal knowledge sharing platform at work but also internally speak/run workshops. I’ve also recently started considering branching out to the bigger, scarier world, starting at my local North West Tech Talks.

As a proud professional Google-er & part-time Stack Overflow-er (am I doing this right?), I’ve always on countless occasions come across helpful blog posts that have helped me solve tedious problems. So, I decided it was probably about time that I tried to give back to the community myself and share the odd bit of magic here and there containing interesting solutions and code snippets that will hopefully help someone else solve the same problems that I’ve already faced before. I also have a terrible memory so I’ll probably also use my blog as a place to dump silly (but hopefully useful!) thoughts and things that I might also need to refer back to again in the future.

Thanks for visiting!